’90s vibes: Fresh themes for Firefox, video calls and more

Raise your hand if your watchlists are showing signs of ‘90s reruns. Saved by the Bell, Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are making comfort TV comebacks along with bike shorts, oversize button-downs and bandanas, which could honestly be the WFH meets socially distant uniform of the summer. Visually the ‘90s give so much in a simple, joyful way. A little neon here, a few shapes there, and whoomp, there it is!

Get some fresh ’90s styles into your digital day-to-day, with wallpapers, video call backgrounds and browser themes. This collection is here to bring you ‘90s joy without the Macarena playing on the radio all the time.

Computer wallpapers and video call backdrops:






[Click on any image to save a full-size version.]

Phone wallpapers:





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Matching ’90s browser themes and a few more here:

[Click the image to add to Firefox]


Or how about these?

[Click the image to add to Firefox]


We hope these looks brighten your screens and your day.

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