Maker Party presents: Battle of the Mixes

Mozilla’s global Maker Party is well underway and the creative, instructive and strangely addictive Makes that have been pouring in are so impressive that we’ve decided to kick it up a notch.
With only four weeks left in the Maker Party, we’re launching a Battle of the Mixes. You get the chance to strut your stuff and, if your stuff is good enough, be featured on our homepage.

Here’s how it works

We’ll provide a challenge and your job is to create something hot and remixable using Webmaker tools. You can start from scratch, or press the remix button on anything you find on to alter it and make it your own. Publish your work and tag it so we can find it. We’ll pick the three most imaginative, inspiring and irresistible-to-remix creations and feature them on our homepage and on the Webmaker’s Hottest series. We’ll even send the winners a t-shirt.

Battle of the Mixes No. 1

The first challenge in the Battle of the Mixes is to create a Motion Picture Show using animated gifs. Motion Picture Shows are short films that you can make quickly by combining text, music and images — in this case, animated gifs — to create a story. Here’s an example:

How to create a Motion Picture Show

First, you need to find some animated gifs to get your story started. Here are a few places to look:

When you find an animated gif you’d like to use, simply right click on it and select ‘Copy Image Location’. Now head over to Popcorn Maker. Click on the ‘Events’ tab near the top right corner of the editor, select ‘Image’ and paste the animated gif URL you just copied into the ‘Image URL’ field. Voila! You’re on your way.
If you get lost, you can always remix this video. Swap out the animated gifs for your own, and replace the text and music in the timeline.


To enter your Make in the Battle of the Mixes, you’ll need to tag it. To tag in Popcorn Maker, go to the ‘Project’ tab after saving your project and look for the field that asks for tags. Be sure to add both makerparty and motionpicture plus other relevant words to help people find your work. When adding multiple tags, remember to separate them with commas, not spaces. Learn more about tagging.

Check back soon

The winners of the Battle of the Mixes: Create a Motion Picture Show will be featured on our homepage and on the Webmaker’s Hottest series. In the meantime, you can search the website to size up the competition. Remember — you can remix anything on our site to change it and make it your own. Stay tuned for the next Battle!

Get Involved

  • Join the Battle of the Mixes by creating your own Motion Picture Show.
  • Tag your work in Popcorn Maker with both makerparty and motionpicture.
  • Share it on Twitter with the hashtag #makerparty.

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