Brokering Web Literacy for Youth Digital Awareness

Mozilla’s July edition of the Curriculum Workshop brought together nearly 40 people across the globe in real time to discuss what it means to broker web literacy and how it can make an impact in local communities. When you broker a learning opportunity, you show a learner why the topic is relevant to them and help them to take advantage of it.
Leading the discussion on air were Mozilla co-hosts Amira Dhalla and Chad Sansing, along with special guests:

Guests shared several best practices for brokering web literacy opportunities such as gaining the trust of the learner, encouraging them to learn outside of their normal comfort zone, offering fun, interactive activities, demonstrating examples, and using every day scenarios to connect the web to their learners’ lives. Questions like “Where does video fall into the web literacy discussion?” and “How do we help youth discover their online identities?” helped shape the discussion.

After sharing many experiences and insights, guests poured a rainbow of ideas and creative on to the etherpad in response to our big idea for a prototype project: How can we help youth become more aware of their digital lives and opportunities? Our guests and audience members  started a great list of activity ideas, resources, and facilitation tips that we hope everyone will keep working on together. Visit the etherpad to add your thoughts and ideas!
You can watch the full, recorded conversation below or Mozilla Learning’s website here. The etherpad and chat transcripts can be found here.

Unable to tune in at our normal broadcast time? Is audio better for you than video? Then listen to our March, April, May, June, and July episodes as podcasts! Follow the links for .mp3 versions of each Mozilla Curriculum Workshop.

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