Bugzilla for Webmaker

We use Bugzilla to work open and get stuff done

Webmaker, like many Mozilla projects, uses an issue tracker called Bugzilla for filing tickets and getting stuff done. These two new pages provide tips and tricks for filing bugs, and for getting the most out of Bugzilla:

  1. Bugzilla for Webmakerthe best place to start. How to file a Webmaker bug, plus simple tweaks for making Bugzilla easier to use.
  2. Bugzilla for Webmaker: PRO TIPS for digging deeper. How to make it easier for users to file tickets, tagging, searching and tracking bugs, Frequently Asked Questions and more.

Anyone can create, comment or contribute to a ticket

We work open. Webmaker is an open source, non-profit project powered by a global community of friendly humans like you. Anyone can create a ticket, comment on a ticket, and contribute. Just because it’s called a “bug” doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong. It could just be a to-do, or a suggestion. All your tickets are welcome — don’t worry if you’re doing it right. We’re a friendly community, and we want your ideas!

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  1. Matt Thompson wrote on :

    Things we’ll need to consider going forward:
    * how we effectively engage a community for software development,
    * how we collaborate with them on creating features and ideas,
    * how we easily on-ramp new community members into any of these discussions,
    * how we efficiently communicate needs/requests,
    * how we do this in the open,
    * whether all of that can (or should) be effectively managed through a single bug-tracker,
    * and if not, what are possibly more effective methods for filling each need.