Hack the News

Remix the news while learning and playing with HTML, the language that makes up the web.

It just takes a few simple steps.

1) Install the X-Ray Goggles

Go to https://goggles.webmaker.org. Drag the big yellow “Activate X-Ray Goggles” button to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.

2) Navigate to a news web site

Try your local newspaper, your school paper, a national news site like The New York Times or CNN.
Don’t worry — you’re not actually hacking the site for others — just yourself. You’re changing a local version of the site that only you can see.

3) Decide on one of these fun remix themes

  • The year 2525: What’s on the front page of the paper in the year 2525? Are humans living on the moon yet? Have robots taken over? You decide!
  • Your Birthday: Write the headlines for the day were born. Do some research to find out what happened that day. What was the weather was like? What song was most popular?
  • Zombie Apocalypse: It’s the day after the zombies have risen from the dead – what is on the cover of the newspaper? Interviews with zombies? Survival tips? Ideas about what caused the spread of Zombie-ism?

4) Activate the Goggles

Click the Goggles in your bookmark toolbar to turn them on. Now when you mouse over elements of the news page, you’ll see the code underneath.

5) Hit the “remix” button

Hit “R” on the keyboard to remix any element.

6) Change the text and swap in new images

Try changing the headlines or rewriting some of the stories. Edit some of the links and play with font size and color.
Mouse over an image on the page and hit “R” / “Remix.” Then paste in the address/URL for your new image.
TOP TIP: How to swap an image. First, find an image you like on the web. Right-click or control-click on the image you want and select: “Copy image location.” (Or “Copy image URL” or “Copy image address”, depending on your web browser.) Then paste your new image URL over top of the old one. Be careful not to lose the quotation marks!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 5.07.24 PM

7) Share

  • Publish your remix. Once you’re done, click the Publish button, or press P on your keyboard. This makes your changes visible on the web for others to see.
  • Tweet it. Share the link to your hacked version of the site with the #webmaker hashtag.
  • Claim your badge. Claim the “Remixing” badge here. You’ve earned it!

The top image and X-Ray Goggles remix themes came from MOUSE, a non-profit organization based in New York City that empowers underserved youth to learn, lead and create with technology.

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  1. joell wrote on :

    that is so awesome. i loved playing around and messing with sites with this tool….