Lifelogging and Ryan Gosling: 8 great links for webmakers this week

Visualizing NYC's Open Datasets 2013-08-20 09-02-41
NYC’s Open Data — A visualization of the 1100+ open datasets made available by New York City created using the “dataset of datasets” and the Socrata Open Data API.

Memoto — A tiny, automatic lifelogging camera and app that creates a searchable, shareable photographic memory.
HEY GIRL | A Ryan Gosling Bookmarklet & Chrome Extension 2013-08-20 10-34-12
Hey Girl IO — Instantly change all the images on any webpage to Ryan Gosling with this Google Chrome extension.
Lego architecture studio — This new Lego set, comprised of white and translucent bricks, conspicuously lacks instructions.
Docker interactive tutorial — A great interactive training program to get familiar with the Docker commandline.

Bad toy store surprise — The creepiest animated gif of the week!
Your first hack — Hack your very first website with this great tutorial.

Games about alcoholism & cancer — Fascinating new computer games feature autobiographical stories that put players in harrowing, real-life situations.

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