The 12 coolest things you saw on the web this week

Mozilla Webmaker is all about helping people make amazing things on the web. So what’s the most amazing thing you saw on the web this week? Here’s this week’s hotlist, as contributed by the Webmaker community in our community call. Got more? Let us know…

  • Girls in Tech. A nine-year-old girl’s Kickstarter campaign to go to STEM camp and create her own role playing game. (Because her brothers told her she couldn’t)
  • Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir. From TED. Using the web to create a global musical mashup.
  • School of Thrones. Games of Thrones recast as a high school drama. Prom night is coming.

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  1. Forrest Oliphant ( wrote on :

    Listening to Bruce Sterling’s SXSW closing remarks (and not going to SXSW) has become an annual tradition. Sobering look at what we lose with the new, and an invitation to own up to it.

    1. openmatt wrote on :

      Love it. Thanks Forrest. Added to next week’s list.