Maker Party is Right Around the Corner: July 15 – July 31!

Maker Party 2015 is less than two months away! The party starts on July 15 and runs to July 31. Each day, makers, mentors, and learners across the world will celebrate making and teaching by running events to create awesome things on the open Web.
In 2014, Maker Party brought together almost 130,000 people who hosted more than 2,500 hands-on, community-run events across 86 countries. And they built some 44,000 projects — fun, funky, and useful apps, web pages, and games that made the Web a more exciting place. There were apps that allowed us to save kittens with code, and games that let us remix Pharrell Williams’ best dance moves.
We’re looking forward to doing the same thing this year: empowering people around the globe to become online inventors. We’ll share compelling, fun activities that allow participants of all skill levels to become creators of the Web. It will be 17 days of making, remixing, and sharing.
There’s more good news. When our two-week celebration winds down on July 31, we’ll keep the creativity and momentum rolling. July 31 will be the start of something equally inspiring: Mozilla Clubs, a new way for makers and mentors to get together regularly and make a difference. Mozilla Clubs can meet anywhere — a classroom, a library, a coffee shop, a living room. Members will teach and build the open Web together.
The Mozilla Club Curriculum helps people think critically about what they read on the Web, remix and write their own digital content, and participate online as citizens. You can learn to effectively research and search online by reading about the dreaded Kraken; understand web mechanics and how the Internet works by playing “Ping Kong”; and unpack the basics of coding with HTML puzzle boxes. Other activities teach open source principles, community participation, and how to remix content.
Help us get started now! First, head to We have resources to help make your party perfect. Whether it’s just you and a friend or a classroom of more than 50 makers, we can help from start to finish.
Next, spread the word. The more people participating, the better the party. Share this tweet with your friends and followers:
“Get ready to make cool stuff on the Web with @Mozilla’s global #MakerParty this July. Learn more:”
And tell us all about your ideas and suggestions by tweeting @mozilla or by emailing
Mozilla Clubs will allow you to sustain the excitement and creativity of Maker Party events. But we need the help of educators, inventors and curious learners. So remember: start tweeting, start planning your event, and start thinking about forming your own Club. And start making.

2 responses

  1. Sara Mansouri wrote on :

    Great! Thank you Amira! It is an amazing idea to make Mozilla Clubs after webmaker events to form communities of interested people who want to keep learning.
    I am temporary working as a science ambassador in northern Canada in May and I am planning to hold a maker party for aboriginal students earlier than the actual time. I will encourage interested students to make a club to keep working with each other and share their experiences in building the web :)

  2. Ana wrote on :

    Hola excelente idea muchas felicidades.