MozBus takes webmaking on the road

The Mozilla Factory in Japan recently unveiled what is possibly the coolest webmaking tool yet: the Mozilla Bus!

The MozBus (as it was instantly nicknamed) exists to deliver the web to anyone, anytime, anywhere, in any circumstance.

Equipped with a generator, networking facilities, computers and a 3D printer (!) the MozBus will tour Japan to teach the web with Webmaker, produce materials for tech workshops, and explore new possibilities for using, experiencing and building the web.
Organizations like Keio University SFC, research institutions including The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, and corporations such as Cisco Systems have already participated in the MozBus project.

The MozBus will also offer a unique and much-needed contribution to disaster management. Following Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2012, it became apparent that the web is a critical component of disaster prevention infrastructure. To address that need, the MozBus is equipped with its own on-board network, allowing it to function as a self-contained mobile information hub, providing web access and 3D printed goods to those who need it most.

The MozBus’s maiden voyage will take it  north to Fukushima with a team from  OpenStreetMap Society/OpenRelief. Eventually, multiple Mozbuses will travel throughout Asia, focusing on disaster prone areas. These buses will also perform research activities and experiments, openly sharing data for anyone to use.  We’re excited to see how the MozBus  provides opportunities for everyone to experience and understand the web.

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  1. mohammed samad wrote on :

    I would like to come and attend this event an learn from this event

  2. Achyuth KP wrote on :

    This is an amazing idea! :D Kudos to Mozilla Factory in Japan!