MozFest 2014: session proposal deadline extended!

We’re very excited about this year’s Mozilla Festival (24-26 October, London). It really is true that you can arrive with an idea and leave with a community! You can get an flavour of some of what will be going on through the 11 tracks:

  • Build and Teach the Web – Keep the web wild through hands-on making with innovative tools and teaching the web as a community.
  • Open Web With Things – Escape the limitations of your computer and build the web using sensors, circuits and good old paper and scissors.
  • Web in Your Pocket – Explore opportunities in the booming world of the open web  on mobile. How can  we experiment & tinker to customize our own  experience on our phones?
  • Source Code for Journalism – Design next-generation web solutions to solve critical  issues facing news organizations and help journalism thrive on the open  web.
  • Open Science and the Web – Examine the potential of the open web to re-define how we experiment, analyze and share scientific knowledge.
  • Art and Culture of the Web – An exploration of the programs, practices and inspirations of open and networked digital art forms.
  • Open Badges Lab – Challenge  the conventional system of recognizing skills  and learning. Celebrate achievements from Open Badge creators and  issuers.
  • Hive Learning Networks – Join this lab for people working on building local city  learning networks (Hives) and how they can better globally connect to  share learning  experiences for youth and digital media.
  • Musicians and Music Creators on the Open Web – Play a role and explore what it takes to make music on the open web.
  • Policy & Advocacy – Privacy, Security, and Building the Movement to protect the free and open web.
  • Open Data – Uncover the data on the web and in our world that will help us better inform and organize our communities

If any of those sound like the kind of thing you’d like to run a practical, hands-on session about, we want to hear from you! For your proposal to be the best it can be, it’s worth bearing in mind that we’ll need to hear how you’re going to make your session inclusive, inspiring and inviting. We’ll need real examples as well as some detail on how you plan to structure your session.

Propose a MozFest 2014 session:

In order to get give people coming back from vacation time to submit session proposals, we’ve decided to extend the submission deadline to Friday 29th August. Those who have their proposals accepted will be notified soon afterwards.
Questions? Problems? Email:

3 responses

  1. David wrote on :

    One of the things I’ve enjoyed in the past were ‘design challenges’ – bringing together people with different experiences, skills, and knowledge, and getting them to design webby solutions to a problem (which might then be magically hacked together that night).
    It’s fun, creative, collaborative, and doesn’t need all the work done by the 29th

    1. Doug Belshaw wrote on :

      Thanks David! We’re definitely looking forward to people proposing things like design challenges – hacking together a solution to a problem using multiple skillsets. :-)

  2. Mohd Tauheed wrote on :

    I am a student and I have started developing in C#! I was wondering if I could attend the fest regardless of giving any sessions? I mean the name suggests that I can learn something really big in these sessions!