Net Neutrality Tweet Chat this Thursday from #TeamInternet

Interested in Net Neutrality? So is Mozilla. We’re hosting a net neutrality tweet chat this Thursday, August, 14 from 7 PM EDT (4 PM PDT). Join us on the hashtag #TeamInternet for an hour-long discussion about net neutrality—what it is and how you can help your friends and family understand it.
Net neutrality is a pivotal issue because it is all about preserving the web as a resource for everyone, regardless of how rich or powerful they are. We believe understanding net neutrality is an essential part of web literacy and being web literate is the key to surviving and thriving in the digital age. That is why we are currently hosting a Net Neutrality training (running through this Friday). And if you want to host your own Net Neutrality Teach-In, here is everything you need to make it happen.
So join us for an in-depth discussion about net neutrality this Thursday. It will be hosted by @Mozilla and we will be using the #TeamInternet hashtag. We will have a few folks from Mozilla leading the discussion:

  • Chris Riley, Senior Policy Engineer at Mozilla, @MChrisRiley
  • David Steer, Director of Advocacy at Mozilla, @davesteer

And many more net neutrality experts are expected to join in, too.
You’ll definitely want to be there.

2 responses

  1. wrote on :

    I’ll be present for sure! Thanks for hosting the Net Neutrality chat on Twitter Mozilla! I’ll check out the Net Neutrality training & the Net Neutrality Teach-In materials.

  2. Frank wrote on :

    I teach English in Japan and asked some students to research Net Neutrality. The only information they found is a campaign promiss from president Obama to protect net neutrality. The Japanese students told me this is an issue that does not affect Japan. It is limited to the US.
    We understand the concept. I demonstrated an ISP could “discriminate” between two compatible site like YouTube and NicoNico. If YouTube pays the ISP, the user can receive that data first. Because both sites have the opportunity to pay, the practice appears to be fair competition.
    I need help illustrating this with facts like the NetFlix example in the video posted on YouTubd by Vi Hart.
    Sorry I can’t join the chat Thursday because I will be at work. But hope to get some ideas from #TeamInternet