New Teaching Resources: Election Remix Activities for Youth

Letters to the Next President Remix in Thimble
The National Writing Project (NWP) and KQED are leading the Letters to the Next President 2.0 campaign to engage and connect young people, aged 13–18, as they research, write, and make media to voice their opinions on issues that matter to them in the coming election. Mozilla has signed on as a partner and created a few remixable activities that aim to connect youth voice, civic engagement and web literacy skills.
If you are running special programs or events with youth leading up to Nov. 4, we hope you’ll check out the following activities:

  • Remix this Letter! – Let the next President of the United States (POTUS) know which issues and decisions matter most to you!
  • Campaign Poster – Create your own campaign poster supporting (or satirizing) a popular presidential candidate.
  • Candidate Meme – Share your best advice for the next President of the United States using this make-your-own-meme project.
  • Candidate Quote – Combine pictures and words to frame and share a key quote from a presidential candidate.
  • Composing and Annotating with Thimble and

Candidate Quote Remix Project
Each activity includes step-by-step tutorials to walk you through how to remix the project’s HTML and CSS to create your own webby letter to the next POTUS. You can find them all here:
NWP also has a publishing platform where youth can submit their Thimble remixes.