Your favorite Summer Code Party photos

@JeanAustinR: “My first Mozilla Thimble project”

What are your favorite Summer Code Party photos? Let us know through #mozparty! And don’t forget to tag your photos and posts “mozparty.”

Some of our favorites so far:

Dragon prototyping at #MozParty Toronto

“Little Big City presented by @TVOKids! #kidshackto #mozparty”

Toy hacking at #MozParty Toronto

“Paper Prototyping! #mozparty #kidshackto”


Chicago Code Party in full effect
#MozParty Chicago


#MozParty Nigeria


#MozParty Phillipines

#MozParty Romania

#MozParty in Pune, India


#MozParty Pune, India

#MozParty Zurich

Annotating skateboard videos at the Coder Dojo #mozparty in Dublin



3 responses

  1. Didik Hartono wrote on :

     wow .. the show looks very festive, all participants seemed very enthusiastic and happy to follow the event. Philippines hello, I am from Indonesia, unfortunately not here to be one venue for the event. if there is another similar event during those years to come hopefully Indonesia to be one exciting venue. I introduced myself and I manage the web that are see you next time.

  2. Galaxy Kadiyala wrote on :


  3. JeanAustinR wrote on :

    Awesome photos!
    @google-e9a2bd1cfebaa691e264846501499c7e:disqus You can actually organize a webmaker event in your area.