Q&A with Trek Afrique

Trek Afrique is an awesome organization in Africa that is empowering local communities  and individuals to achieve their goals through training and and exposure to technology and literacy. This year for Maker Party, Trek Afrique gathered a group of youth together and used  Webmaker tools like X-Ray Goggles and Popcorn maker to explore topics like privacy, and ethnoarchitecture. We had the chance to speak with Richard Nworah to find out more about the event and the organization.

What is Trek Afrique and what do you do?

TREK Afrique is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, community-oriented organization focused mainly on promoting rural knowledge, livelihoods & innovations. TREK Afrique means THINKING RURAL ECONOMY & KNOWLEDGE Afrique. We set up learning and motivation centers in consenting host communities, where we provide training and hands-on exposure centered on literacy, leadership, information and communication technology, innovations, entrepreneurship and entertainment. We also assist communities to harness local knowledge, capacity, content and innovations to address their perceived development priorities. Our support is designed to ensure that communities are active drivers of their desired change.

What is the events hosted or ran during Maker Party?

The Mozilla Maker Party with TREK Afrique was an insightful event for all makers. We learnt Ethnoachitecture, Drones & Civilian Intelligence, and Privacy Online. Our various maker teams were really thrilled to learn Popcorn and X-ray Goggles. We also had a session where makers were exposed to various online platforms, such as P2PU and Edx for educative purposes.

Why did you choose to get involved with Maker Party?

At TREK Afrique we believe in 21st Century education. We believe that a digital literacy skill has become essential, and that the web helps democratize access to information. TREK Afrique works with communities, and our partnership with Mozilla to host the Maker Party engenders teaching of web literacy across these communities. Maker Party time is a fun time, be it two or fifty persons I think the uttermost thrill to makers is learning something new, something that allows them to be expressive and contributors of the web and not just consumers. They soon get to find out that they can utilize the web for their good, and that their voices can be heard all over the globe from just their laptop. This is the spirit I think, binds all makers all over the world.

Tell us what you were most excited for at the event?

Team Spirit! Makers displayed high team spirit. Whether they were making a video on popcorn, or remixing a website using X-ray Google. It was all about the excitement with which the different teams competed amongst themselves.

Why is it important for youth and adults to make things with technology?

Technology affords youths an inexpensive way and avenue via which they can participate in global affairs. It democratizes access to information, and can disrupt stale ideas and practices easily.  In this ever changing world, we all need to participate in shaping our world to suit us, we all need to work together to create that world which we can exist and live in. Technology just simply ensures that everyone can participate or be heard.

What was the feedback you got from people who attended or taught at your event?

Makers and Mentors all kept asking; “when next can we have something like this?” others thought it was a very much needed event, one that is necessary for capacity building, peer learning and networking.

Why is it important for people and organizations to get involved in Maker Party?

In this age, one can not underestimate the power of the web and internet in our daily lives. If information is the most vital resource of this age, then we all need to see teaching the web as a clarion call. We all need to join this movement, and a campaign to teach the web. For inclusion and to stop marginalization, web literacy skills might just be the most effective answer. Organizations sure need to tap into this revolution to spread the reach of their impact.

How can people get in touch with your organization?

We operate from our collaboration facility which is located in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.
Collaboration Space
651-HUB, 651 ROAD,
ABUJA, FCT 900108
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trekafrique
Twitter: @trekafrique
Email: info@trekafrique.org
Website: www.trekafrique.org

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  1. Pere Richard wrote on :

    Feels wonderful to be part of this organization. Work Just get better by each day.. #TeamTREKAfrique #TREKAfrique #Makerparty

  2. Ogidinta David wrote on :

    I see it was a much needed outing, keep it up Trek Afrique. I just hope that this great initiative be sustained..