Supporting Youth Leadership with Digital Skills

As Mozilla strives for a healthy Internet that is inclusive and equitable for all, we’re fueling new approaches to learning through Mozilla Hives, Clubs and our Gigabit cities. Through these efforts and along with our network members, we’re supporting youth empowerment and youth voice, and as a results we’ve seen dozens of amazing stories, projects and experiences that inspire us to keep moving forward.
This month, we continue to rally youth to get involved in important local, national and global issues while building web literacy and 21st century skills.
Letters to the Next President Remix in Thimble
Letters to the Next President 2.0: We’ve partnered with the National Writing Project (NWP_ and KQED to support youth voice in advance of the next United State Presidential Election on November 8th. Through the Letters to the Next President 2.0 campaign, we’re encouraging young people, aged 13–18, to research, write, and make media to voice their opinions on issues that matter most to them. Mozilla created a few remixable activities that connect youth voice, civic engagement and web literacy skills, such as this Thimble letter template and this candidate quote project. For those outside of the U.S., learners can remix the projects for any local, regional, or national cause.
Mozilla Learning Community Call with Mozilla Science Lab
Mozilla Learning Community Call: Wednesday, November 16 2:30pm PST/ 5:30pm EST/ 9:30pm UTC
Join Mozilla Hive Chicago, Educator’s Camp, and other special guests to discuss youth leadership and empowering young people to get involved in local, national and global community issues that matter to them.
Guests include:

  • Andrea Hart –City Bureau– Chicago IL
  • Jackie Moore – Level UP IRL – Chicago IL
  • Vanessa Sanchez – Yolocali/Pop Up Youth Radio – Chicago IL
  • Eva L.- Youth Silent Protest Organizer, Chicago IL
  • Rita Geladze – Educators Camp, Hive NYC

Mozilla Curriculum Workshop: Thursday, November 17 7am PST/ 10am EST/ 2pm UTC Join us for a conversation and workshop about exemplary digital youth leadership practices, projects, and programming. Along with special guests, co-hosts Amira Dhalla and Chad Sansing will examine what makes successful programs work, and will prototype teaching and learning materials that encourage their development.

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  1. Scott McKellam wrote on :

    I know this event has passed…but I sincerely hope a ton of young people were able to send their messages on to the PEOTUS. The issues we face (on their behalf) are too important and their voices should be heard. So THANK YOU Mozilla for this effort.
    I’ll leave my personal opinions out of this (for the most part), but suffice it to say, he would be wise to listen. Most of these young folks will be voting in 4 years!