Teachable Moment: Privacy Month

In our efforts to increase global web literacy and empower future generations of web citizens, we continue to explore opportunities that connect skills development with interests and issues that affect learners both on and offline.
January is #PrivacyMonth, a community-driven, international campaign, and there’s no better time to teach and create awareness around online privacy. When people understand more about online privacy, and what steps they can take to protect it, we’re in a better position to ensure the Internet remains a global, public resource for all.

“Privacy Month is the first of many steps we’ll be taking this year in an effort to empower the users of the web to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint.” – Ankit Gadgil, Mozilla Reps Council

Privacy Month
How to Get Involved with #PrivacyMonth:

  • Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to use hashtags #PrivacyMonth and #Advocate4Privacy.
  • Join in the #PrivacyMonth conversation on our community forum, Discourse.

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  1. Linda Hunter wrote on :

    What a wonderful endeavour. Thanks Mozilla!!