This Week in Webmaker Training: Exploring

Over at Webmaker Training we’re working together to learn how to #TeachTheWeb. On Monday, May 12th, we launched the first course on exploring the methodologies behind Webmaker – including Making as Learning, Connected Learning and the Open Web.
There are a lot of thoughtful interactions happening inside the #TeachTheWeb discussion:

Much of the activity takes place in our online discussion forum, but people have also been stepping up and planning live sessions for participants to connect in real time. Here are a few things to look forward to next week:

You can see all the live sessions on the calendar and schedule your own by announcing your topic in the Live Sessions category in the #TeachTheWeb discussion forum.

Casual Awesomeness via Doug Belshaw and


Here’s how YOU can participate:

You can join in any time to ask questions, provide feedback and have fun learning and making with the entire community.
Next week, we’ll start building open educational resources in a collaborative fashion and working on giving each other constructive criticism.
It’s been a great week, we’re looking forward to MORE!!

How to participate in Webmaker Training

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  1. Laura Hilliger wrote on :

    Hi Kadidia,
    Sorry for the slow response! Get started by:
    1. Reading the Building course materials, then dig into the hands-on activities by clicking on “Make.” You can do this on your own time, whenever works best for you.
    2. Join the community discussion forum at This is where deeper conversations around the course materials will happen and where connections with other participants are made. Be sure to introduce yourself :)
    This experience is designed so that you can go at your own pace. Just jump in where it feels comfortable, there are plenty of friendly people around to help :)