TLDR: Let's teach the web. Webmaker vs. Bowie. Popcorn + the Pope. Localization for humans.

TLDR = your weekly summary of what’s up with Mozilla Webmaker.

Let’s teach the web

Introducing We’ve got great new kits, teaching guides and projects for teaching digital literacy and webmaking. This 90-second presentation tells the story:

Get involved:

  • JOIN. Sign up for updates on new teaching resources, events, and our big “Webmaker Party 2013” campaign kicking off in June.
  • TEACH. Get started with free kits and teaching resources. Teach web literacy and skills through fun making, building and playing.
  • CONNECT. Connect and share knowledge with other mentors near you and around the  world.
  • START A NETWORK. Bring local groups together in your hometown.

Markup in Popcorn Maker

The Webmaker web site’s “summer of change”

This slide presentation from Brett Gaylor provides a preview of what’s next for the Webmaker web site. Including new information architecture, mark-up in Popcorn Maker, mashing up Thimble and Popcorn Maker, “hack in place” and more.
Thimble meets Popcorn Maker

Testing Localization wtih Git Hub

I’m a combination of Nerd + Teacher :P

Alvar is an eduactor based in Buenos Aires who teaches 6 to 12-year-olds, and also teaching teachers how to use technology in the classroom. Lately he’s been working on testing new ways to localize Webmaker teaching guides, resources and wiki pages. He documented his work along the way, including how he used Transifex and Github.

Badges diagram in Spanish



Your life in six words on the web

High school students using the six word memoir Thimble project to explore philosophy and enlightenment:

New Webmaker Projects this week

My web story
Wish Mozilla a happy 15th birthday with projects like these:

A new pope Popcorn project

Popcorn Meets the Pope

Dave Humphrey’s post on a great recent Popcorn project by BBG as a procedural storytelling experiment. It usesSoundCloud audio about the election of the new Pope, combining source media from multiple YouTube clips, images, text, and other audio and weaving them together into a complete web-media experience.

Planet Webmaker round-up:

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