Webmaker for Android: Now Available in the Google Play Store

Today, Mozilla’s efforts to empower Web users around the globe are taking an exciting step forward: we’re debuting Webmaker for Android in the Google Play Store.
You can download the beta version for free at mzl.la/webmaker.
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.53.39 PM
Webmaker is a tool to help smartphone users of any skill level read, write and participate on the Web. The app makes creating original content in your local language simple — you can drag, drop and personalize photos, text and more to build unique projects like interactive scrapbooks, comic strips, games and memes. While Webmaker is designed first and foremost to be fun and easy-to-use, we’ve already seen the community leverage it in very practical ways as well. Teachers can build lesson plans for their students, students can create class projects, and communities can launch a platform for sharing local happenings.
Creating on Webmaker is just the beginning. You can also share your projects with friends and neighbors, who are able to remix and add their own additions. You can discover cool projects around you through Webmaker’s discovery gallery, and experience local content made by your community and in your language. And Webmaker is free and open, always.
We built Webmaker with the hopes of creating a fun, hands-on tool for helping individuals move beyond a read-only version of the Web. And our community played a vital role in this process: volunteers in Bangladesh, Kenya, Brazil, India and elsewhere pitched in to help. When you have a minute, try out Webmaker Beta and share your experiences — we’d love to hear what you think. Reach us at help@webmaker.org or @Webmaker.
Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates: we’ll be unveiling Webmaker for Android 1.0 later this month and a desktop browser version and code editor are on the way!

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