Webmaker update: MozFest, future apps, Hall of Fame, hackable games

Join us for the Mozilla Festival: Nov 9 – 11

Join us for the 2012 Mozilla Festival: Making, Freedom and the Web

  • Nov 9 – 11, London, UK
  • 800 developers + designers + educators + youth + journalists + you…
  • …getting together for three days of design challenges, learning labs and fireside chats…
  • …to make amazing things that can change the world.

Sound like fun? Register here now.

Mozilla Ignite announces “brainstorming round” winners.
Development round now open.

Yesterday, Mozilla and the National Science Foundation announced eight winning ideas that offer a glimpse of what the internet of the future might look like. Next up: invite developers everywhere to make these and other big ideas a reality.

Summer Code Party wrap-up: submit to the Hall of Fame

The first-ever Summer Code Party is now wrapped up, and was a huge success:

  • 685 Summer Code Party events
  • spread across 80+ countries
  • reaching more than 5,305 people

The new Webmaker Hall of Fame provides highlights from the summer, and now needs your contribution. What was the most amazing thing you made or saw this summer? Who inspired you, taught you, or helped you most? Who should the Mozilla Webmaker and Summer Code Party community learn about, or get to know?

A great example of “hackable games”

Tuesday’s Webmaker call included a demo from the team at “Craftyy,” a web-based remixable game editor — and a great example of the “hackable games” theme at November’s Mozilla Festival.

Explaining Webmaker crisply

How do we do it even more simply? And tell a clear story around how it fits with the rest of Mozilla? Mark Surman shares thoughts over coffee.

3 responses

  1. BenBarreth wrote on :

    Matt – I can offer any winners of the Ignite Challenge a free place to stay and work in Kansas City hooked up with Google Fiber to build their super-fast connected idea. Let me know if I can talk to anyone at the foundation. I’d love to help!¬†

    1. OpenMatt wrote on :

       Thanks Ben! Forwarding this on to Will Barkis, the Mozilla Ignite lead.

      1. BenBarreth wrote on :

        Here’s a couple links about the program I run called HomesForHackers. I actually just bought a house in Hanover Heights – the first neighborhood in Kansas City with fiber – with the intent of letting startups stay there completely free: