The Online Gear Store Closes March 31

This March, we’ll be winding down the site for a number of reasons. Chief among them: The store hasn’t met revenue or fundraising expectations, and the ROI of time and energy to maintain it is too small for Mozilla Foundation to continue. Additionally, our key vendor was acquired twice in the past 12 months, making operations more difficult. Without a strong vendor partnership, the demands to maintain the store and provide quality customer support weighs heavily on our staff.

Another important factor in this decision is that we were not able to make international ordering as accessible and affordable as we wanted due to a number of logistical and fulfillment barriers.

We still have quite a lot of inventory left as of today. Starting now, we’ll be holding our largest sale yet to help liquidate remaining inventory: 30% off all items.

We still have quite a lot of inventory left as of today. Starting now, we’ll be holding our largest sale yet to help liquidate remaining inventory: 30% off all items. We hope you’ll use this opportunity to stock up on your favorite Mozilla gear at before the store closes officially on March 31, 2016! (Discounts do not apply to shipping costs.)

We’ll be working hard to share the news with all our customers and community members to ensure everyone has the support they need with final orders. Customer support and service from our vendor will continue for four weeks after the sale ends. Until then, please click on Customer Support at if you have any problems or questions about an order.

Important dates:

  • March 1, 2016: Big sale launches — 30% off everything
  • March 31, 2016: Sale ends, website taken offline
  • April 30, 2016: Customer support ends

There are several other ways you can continue to stay involved with Mozilla and support our mission. Join our community of thousands of volunteers, or make a donation to help keep the Internet open and free.

Thank you for your support!

24 responses

  1. GM wrote on :

    It seems that the Customer Support was closed since February, because no one answers to my emails ever since.

  2. William Eatman wrote on :

    I didn’t know you all were closing the store. I’m needing a replacement for my I donate to mozilla t-shirt. Any still available?

  3. Brzozowski Ryszard wrote on :

    Komentowac? Nieznam angielskiego!?

  4. erica wrote on :

    Quero minha privacidade e segurança.

  5. Manuel wrote on :

    Then, what happened with my order? I ordered since february 24th and I have no idea where my package is.

  6. Erik wrote on :

    A lot of people do not like to blindly donate money without some momento to celebrate what they are standing for. This is why 90% of the activist and community help organizations such as Andrea Woods’s “ , American Heart Association , and Habitat for Humanity” all sell or give away tshirts to the contributers, donators of time, volunteers, and staff, as well as ink pens, I still have a habitat pen left over in the office somewhere from project restore. The fox gear was just beginning to come along, the target audience however was wrong. The majority of tshirt sales are going to be with younger online purchasers (20s-40s) older members of the community (geriatric) rarely shop online and very few of any age for anything expensive like coats which due to sleeve lengths take ins etc need to be tested to see if they even fiit first etc… I think if you got rid of the expensive items, went more with generic functional items like you would find on thinkgeek or any of the other Gamer/Pro Nerd gear sites, being that you OWN firefox it gives you total monopoly on making items that people would use and would love to show off to their friends. Focus more on tshirts all sizes, messenger bags, accessories, things that are unisex, and appeal to a younger more tech savvy community, and are each under $20, then you will probably have a much better change at marketing products to the people who love and actually use Mozilla products. And even the older market many of them would love to have a fox tshirt or bag they can enjoy and subtly show their appreciation for a good company.

  7. JOHN wrote on :


  8. Rick wrote on :

    I am upset to see the Mozilla Gear store close. I wanted another plushy, but it had been out of stock for ages. A drive that incorporates a free shirt or other low value item for a donation would be ideal (as mentioned above). Many people like something as a memento in exchange for their money.

  9. Matthew Baker wrote on :

    Can I get an orange t-shirt for a donation?

  10. john wrote on :

    How about car stickers to pimp my ride boys..

  11. نکست wrote on :

    am upset to see the Mozilla Gear store close. I wanted another plushy, but it had been out of stock for ages

  12. Mr. Funderful wrote on :

    You know what the “Sharks” would say? If the problem is your vendor, then there’s only one solution: Get a better vendor. Oh, if only I’d been here six months ago.

  13. Richard L Bullock wrote on :

    I’ like the Mozilla Firefox and also like to know is this is Free…

  14. Matías wrote on :

    Volvera a existir esta tienda?, me habría gustado comprar un hoodie de mozilla…

  15. marco Antônio Mello antunes wrote on :

    Eu quero me cadastra marco

  16. ketchadjin wrote on :

    avec mozilla je travail plus facilement et télécharge facilement mes vidéos

  17. John Pål wrote on :

    Get a better vendor!

  18. Scottithan wrote on :

    Heartbroken! Just learned of this. I wanted to support the best web browser in the universe but I’m also materialistic and wanted a sweet Firefox T-shirt! (Ridiculously long dejected sigh)

  19. Raid9789 wrote on :

    Will ware my Fire Fox T-Shirt with pride. (Aust.)

  20. صالح wrote on :

    تحديث البرنامج

  21. Targus wrote on :

    Is there any inventory left? I really want a shirt.

  22. Arrgh! wrote on :

    D@mn. I got a donation nag on your web site and halfway through donating I thought no, I won’t do that, I always find it oddly unsatisfying. I’ll go on a binge at the Mozilla Store instead. But you closed it? If it wasn’t working its because “ur doin it wrong”. I’ve bought from you in the past, and tried to buy from you again this evening.

    If you don’t know how to make it work, find someone who does. There are lots of ways. Only involve people who really want to make money, and who have demonstrated in the past that they not know how, but are willing to put forth the effort to excel. If you can’t hire such people the outsource to them for a share of the profits. Promote the heck out of it. H3ll, quietly add code to the browser to capture credit card numbers from Amazon purchases and place a little order from the Mozilla store in the background (sending it to the card holders home address so that they get to enjoy the cool swag they paid for – we want to keep things honest after all).

    You haven’t failed until you quit. Get back up, dust yourself off, get a new store going and stop being a bunch of geeky liberal cry-babies. We all love you, and want to help, but you’ve got to meet us half way. (By the way, do you happen to know where I could buy a Netscape CD for the current version?)

  23. warta wirausaha wrote on :

    Firefox is my default browser. udah gitu adja :p

  24. Firefoxian wrote on :

    Had the idea to purchase mozilla merch/gear a few times. For myself and as a gift. I land on this page every time. After the first time I prepare myself for disappointment. There is mozilla merch, but I’m not sure that you would get a cut, so I leave the other stores alone …

    You don’t need an elaborate web store. Just a plain (even html would do) site where we can check a few checkboxes and it leads us to the payment. (I don’t worry about security with you guys/gals in charge…)

    Also, thank you for all the work you do for us on multiple fronts!