The un-Dramatic Conclusion: Donation Form Footer Experiments

In a previous post, I shared early test results of adding a small text link for our bitcoin donation page to the footer of our primary donation form. Results at that time showed a slight but statistically significant decrease in revenue per visitor from the page that included  the link. The post generated a lively discussion in the comments and also on Reddit.

Now, for an update.

We conducted a much longer round of tests from December 9 – December 15. In addition to the “Donate with Bitcoin” version, we tested other text in the footer of our standard donation form. The variants we chose were driven by customer demand as measured by emails from the “Send us an email” prompt at the bottom of our form. We get a high number of requests for Mozilla’s mailing address to send a gift by check, and a smaller number of requests to accept bitcoin. Other necessary text is there also, including a link to our FAQ and a statement about our non-profit IRS status.

Here are the variations we tested:

Footer Variants


Anticlimactically, there were no clear winners or losers. The difference in revenue per visitor between the standard form and any of these variations was insignificant.

We decided in the interest of customer service to add “Other ways to give: Bitcoin | Check” to the footer.

To view the complete test results in a table, you can click here.

2 responses

  1. Louise Wiseman wrote on :

    Vous ne pouvez nous envoyer une traduction en français ? s.v.p.

    et je ne trouve pas le Canada dans vos pays qui ont donné. (moi j’ai donné)


  2. Pseudo Nym wrote on :

    If I understand your results correctly, adding a link to donate with Bitcoin resulted in a 7 cent decrease in donation per visitor. Repeating the method but including links to different forms of payment and FAQs resulted in no statistically significant result. Do you have any idea as to why the drop occurred in the first place?