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IRL Podcast: Net Neutrality Emergency

On December 14, the United States Federal Communication Commission is scheduled to vote to end the internet as we know it. This is not a drill. If we lose this, we lose everything. Which is why, in the days leading up to the net neutrality vote, the future of digital activism is being written. We stand with the internet. We’re not going anywhere. And we’re not giving up.

In this week’s episode of IRL podcast, we investigate the front lines of the fight for the open internet. WeRateDogs founder Matt Nelson talks about the power of wholesome memes, and trolling Ajit Pai with a pay-per-pupper plan. Verizon protesters weigh in on the importance of grassroots organizing, and share their experiences on the ground. FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn discusses net neutrality’s road ahead. And Gizmodo’s Dell Cameron outlines how taking the fight to court might play out.

We don’t know what the next week holds. But one thing’s clear: the fight for the internet isn’t over.

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  1. KAHNA EMERY wrote on

    So..God have mercy on us. I just happened on this article. Thank you to all the people who fought the intrusions and controls of the government in this area.


  2. Mark wrote on

    How can you be so fooled into believing net neutrality is actually about a free and open internet. It is exactly the opposite. Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix did not spend capital to build the internet, but now want to use it for free, and actually take over it. They conned Obama (a real moron) and his blind minions with very large political donations. Like UPS, you want your package delivered faster, then pay for it. Why choose just the internet? Why not have package delivery neutrality. How about TV neutrality, make all TV packages cost the same. How about electricity neutrality. All electricity no matter when consumed, and in any amount, cost everyone the same. You have been conned and suck up all what the liberal fake news media feeds you. Go do some journalistic homework and come debate me when you actually know something other than what Rachel Madcow tells you.


  3. Mrs. Jamille Tomnay wrote on

    Ever since I pressed the key to download the new and improved Firefox my computer has been a MESS. I keep getting constant messages that Mozilla is not responding… then it freezes up and I have to either just shut down or do CTRL ALT DELETE. It has just been one thing after another. It has been especially difficult with the Christmas holiday with trying to look online and check email confirmation. Sometimes it will work for awhile and then it just freezes and I can’t move anything. Is it possible to go back to the previous one? Believe me I am not real computer savvy so I need what you have to say in layman’s terms. I have had Firefox for quite some time and was really happy until this. We actually switched from Int Exp to you. Can adobe flash have anything to do with this?
    Oh well….I sure hope you can be of some help. Merry Christmas


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