Phony Featured in Rock Your Firefox

Seeing content designed for the desktop when browsing on your mobile? Seeing slimmed down mobile sites when you want to interact with the full site on your mobile or tablet? Firefox for mobile’s restartless add-on, Phony, lets you easily choose exactly how you want to view websites, regardless of the device you’re using. Read the complete Rock Your Firefox post here.

Whether, you’re on a tablet, desktop, iPhone or Android you can use Phony to select the user agent of your choice. Phony gives you the best of all mobile worlds, and you can update your user agent on the fly.

Get Phony on Firefox for mobile by selecting the Add-ons manager and selecting it from the list of recommended add-ons. Just install the add-on (and you don’t even need to restart), go to your Preferences and select ‘User Agent’ to change your settings to masquerade around as the device of your choice. Enjoy!