Featured Mobile Add-ons: Clear Mobile History and Cleary

This featured mobile add-ons round-up focuses on giving you more privacy and control over your preferences and settings.

Firefox for mobile users have been asking for ways to clear their private data and history, and these two add-ons help you do just that. I’m featuring both of them as they have similar but different functionality, so pick the one that’s right for you.

Clear Mobile History does exactly what it means. Install this (restartless!) add-on and add a “Clear History” button to the Firefox preferences. This way you can manually select this option at your discretion.


Cleary gives you a bit more fine grained control over your data. This add-on creates a sub page for clearing small sets of preferences for certain time durations. It also adds an option for “Clear On Shutdown” which is a handy way of clearing that history, even when you forget!

These easy to use and helpful mobile add-ons are a great step toward giving users more security and privacy features over their Firefox for mobile oasis. Enjoy!