New Firefox Available: Enhanced Look, Enhanced Browsing

Our accelerated release schedule means there’s another new version of Firefox for mobile out now. And to go along with that acceleration, this one has faster start-up times and updates to the interface that make everyday browsing streamlined and sharp.

Enhanced Tablet Experience
Enjoy better browsing with optimized fonts, interface elements, buttons and more. And that’s just the tip of tablet iceberg. There are lots more enhancements to come. For now, find out if your tablet is compatible.

New First-Run Experience
The browser starts faster and uses less memory so you can get to your home page quickly and start learning about features right from the side panel with the new Discovery Guide.

Higher Quality Images
On many devices, you’ll see crisper text, faster rendering and less pixelation when zooming. It’s like your eyes got an upgrade.

Visual Refresh
The browser is now better integrated into the most recent Android operating system (called Gingerbread), so the overall look and feel is smoother.

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