Jun 30

Working on the JS engine

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Especially working on old branches without some of the nice debugging helpers that jorendorff has implemented, sometimes I look at my gdb session and just know that I’m working on the JS engine:

(gdb) p $.atom
$11 = (JSAtom *) 0xb194f984
(gdb) p/x *(JSString *)((int)$ & ~7)
$12 = {length = 0x20000004, u = {chars = 0xaf434970, base = 0xaf434970}}
(gdb) x/4ch $.u.chars
0xaf434970:	97 'a'	98 'b'	99 'c'	100 'd'
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  1. Jeff Walden June 30th, 2009 6:36 pm

    Dude, it’s so much more intelligible when you spit it out on one line:

    (gdb) p ((JSString*)((uintptr_t)$.atom&~7))->mLength&~(1<<29)
    $11 = 4
    (gdb) x/4ch ((JSString*)((uintptr_t)$.atom&~7))->mChars
    0xaf434970: 97 ‘a’ 98 ‘b’ 99 ‘c’ 100 ‘d’

    (there may be typos above, I didn’t bother firing up a debugger to record a real such sequence, but I think those are all the right field names and bitmasks 🙂 )