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Hack in the Box HackWeekDay 2014

The Mozilla security team is proud to be once again sponsoring the Hack-in-the-Box HackWeekDay competition, this time at the Haxpo conference in Amsterdam, 28-30 May 2014. Come learn about Firefox OS, make apps to compete for great prizes and help shape the future of the mobile web.

This HackWeekDay event is the biggest yet, and will actually be run over the course of three separate days. There will daily prizes, and you can compete in as many days as you want:

  • Day 1: Firefox OS Homescreen & WebRTC applications
  • Day 2: Facebook Social/Parse APIs applications
  • Day 3: Combined app hacking competition – build on your apps from previous days, or come up with a new app, and compete for the grand prize of most 1337 app.

You can attend just one day, or compete in all three. For details of the prizes on offer and how to get involved, see the HackWeekDay page on the HITB website.

Firefox OS Homescreen & WebRTC applications

For the the first day (28th May), the competition will focus on creating Firefox OS App which incorporates one of the following themes:

  • Replaceable Homescreen: prototype new homescreen ideas for Firefox OS, and implement this using the new replaceable homescreen feature
  • WebRTC: prototype an app which uses WebRTC, taking advantage of WebRTC to access camera, microphone and/or peer-to-peer networking.

A group of Mozillians will be there to help developers test their entries on Firefox OS devices and award prizes (including the new Firefox OS Flame developer phones!)

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How can people get prepared?

Interested developers who want to get started should get familiar with how to develop Apps for Firefox OS and learn about WebRTC:

If you want to develop on Firefox OS itself, see the Hacking on Gaia page on MDN.

What are we looking for in the entries?

  • Prototypes which effectively demonstrate a new or interesting feature
  • Innovative use of Web APIs
  • High quality execution (especially on the constraints of mobile)
  • Benefits for the security and privacy of Firefox OS users

What about others who can’t attend the conference ?

  • Make apps for the Mozilla marketplace
  • Volunteer to help Mozilla security team on Firefox OS (or anything else) (come find us on or email

Will the community be there?

Yes! Mozilla Nederland is planning a presence at the event.