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Firefox will upgrade more Mixed Content in Version 127

Most of the web already supports HTTPS: In fact, 93% of requests made by Firefox are already HTTPS. As a reminder, HTTP over TLS (HTTPS) fixes the security shortcoming of HTTP … Read more

Rapidly Leveling up Firefox Security

At Mozilla, we believe in an open web that is safe to use. To that end, we improve and maintain the security of people using Firefox around the world. This … Read more

Mozilla VPN Security Audit 2023

To provide transparency into our ongoing efforts to protect your privacy and security on the Internet, we are releasing a security audit of Mozilla VPN that Cure53 conducted earlier this … Read more

Securing the proxy API for Firefox add-ons

Add-ons are a powerful way to extend and customize Firefox. At Mozilla, we are committed not only to supporting WebExtensions APIs, but also ensuring the safety and reliability of the … Read more

Firefox 93 protects against Insecure Downloads

  Downloading files on your device still exposes a major security risk and can ultimately lead to an entire system compromise by an attacker. Especially because the security risks are … Read more