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Secure Contexts Everywhere

Since Let’s Encrypt launched, secure contexts have become much more mature. We have witnessed the successful restriction of existing, as well as new features to secure contexts. The W3C TAG … Read more

MWoS 2015: Let’s Encrypt Automation Tooling

The Mozilla Winter of Security of 2015 has ended, and the participating teams of students are completing their projects. The Certificate Automation tooling for Let’s Encrypt project wrapped up this … Read more

Heartbleed Security Advisory

Issue OpenSSL is a widely-used cryptographic library which implements the TLS protocol and protects communications on the Internet. On April 7, 2014, a bug in OpenSSL known as “Heartbleed” was … Read more

Cooling Down the Firesheep

There have been a number of reports about a new Firesheep tool that exposes a weakness in website security, letting attackers snoop on people using public networks, steal their cookies, … Read more