Firefox Sync on your Android

If you’ve just installed Firefox 4 on your Android phone, be sure to set up its must-have feature, Sync. Sync enables you to bring your bookmarks, passwords, history and even open tabs from all of your other devices. Once Sync is setup, you will no longer have to type in long URLs or remember passwords. Your Firefox will have all that and more ready for you, right at your fingertips.

If you are new to Sync, you will first need to set it up on your desktop computer running Firefox. After you have successfully set up Sync on your desktop, you can then proceed to set up Sync on your Android phone.

Firefox for Mobile Sync setup

Watch this video that takes you through the complete setup process, including setting up your phone.

To setup Sync on your computer and mobile, follow these easy instructions.

You’re done! Sync will continue working silently in the background and give you instant access to all of your Firefox data. With Sync, you can get up and go and have your data with you, right in your pocket.

If you need any help setting up Sync, head over to the Firefox Support site or ask a question on the forums.

Happy syncing!

The Firefox Sync team