Build it with us.

Contribute where and how you’d like. Getting involved is easy and lightweight: contact us for more details or come to our IRC channel #media at and chat in real-time with the team.

Partner with us

We’re actively seeking corporate partners in addition to new individual contributors to help us make WebRTC in Firefox great.

Corporations can make a big impact on the quality and direction of Firefox’s WebRTC implementation by partnering with us. A number of major features in Firefox’s implementation are thanks to contributions of time, resources, and code by our partners. Examples being: Core MediaStream improvements, H.264 support (OpenH264), screensharing, and hardware feature support among others.

Are you a company or organization interested in partnering with us? Please contact us.

How to get involved

There are many types of involvement, and many ways to contribute. Some notable methods are:

  • Complex C++ media and network coding
  • Javascript/DOM coding
  • Testing
  • Demos
  • Work on support code like adapter.js
  • Even giving presentations and classes on WebRTC

If you are interested in contributing through any of these channels, please contact us.