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Add-on Jockey

Since moving to California, I’ve found myself listening to the radio a lot more than in previous years. I think this is largely because my favorite station here plays a lot more of the music I like and has a lot of new artists and songs that I haven’t heard before. Music and Firefox add-ons… Continue reading

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Video Tutorial – Extensions Bootcamp: Zero to “Hello World” in 45 Minutes

Mozilla’s Myk Melez created a great video introduction to add-on development for Mozilla’s Design Challenge Spring 09. If you’ve be looking for a video walk-through, Myk just served it up for you. Grok extensions, set up your development environment, and make your first one. We’ll explain how extensions integrate into Firefox and what they can… Continue reading

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Survey results are in!

Big thanks to all of you who completed our developer survey last month.  We got over 60 responses and we appreciate the thoughtful and detailed responses. Our top 5 requests were: The biggest request involves the review queue and the time it takes to get out of the sandbox. (24 requests) There is a real… Continue reading

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Firefox Add-ons Developer Guide (beta release) – Calling all Add-on Developers!

Summary: The Firefox Add-ons Developer Guide is  now released in beta.  We are now  searching  for  contributors,  if  you want  to  help,  please  see instructions below. Firefox Add-ons Developer Guide – beta release It’s with  great excitement that we  announce today the beta  release of the Firefox Add-ons Developer Guide. This  guide, is based on… Continue reading

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Dreaming of Firefox Extension Development

Aza Raskin from Mozilla Labs muses about how we could create an alternate way of writing extensions that would make development easier for people most comfortable with web technologies. Check it out and let us know what you think via comments or blog posts of your own! My Dream Way To Write a Firefox Extension

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