Firefox 3.5 and add-on compatibility

Last Friday, it was announced that Firefox 3.1 will be renamed to Firefox 3.5. What does this mean for add-on compatibility?

Right now, Firefox 3.1b4pre is available as a maxVersion on AMO, and can be used by any add-ons that support current Shiretoko builds. On Tuesday, March 17, these builds will be renamed to 3.5b4pre, and the maxVersion on AMO will be renamed accordingly. This means that as an add-on developer, if you mark your add-on as compatible with 3.1b4pre before Tuesday, it will automatically change to support 3.5b4pre when necessary. After Tuesday, developers can simply start using 3.5b4pre as their maxVersion.

Similarly, Firefox 3.2a1pre will be renamed to 3.6a1pre on Tuesday. Any add-ons currently compatible with 3.2a1pre will automatically be 3.6a1pre compatible on Tuesday.

Followers of the add-on compatibility dashboard may notice that it will no longer be accurate after the renames on Tuesday. The AMO team is planning to support version grouping of Firefox 3.1 and 3.5 with its 5.0.4 release to be deployed on April 9.

Additional compatibility updates will be posted here on the Mozilla Add-ons Blog.

3 comments on “Firefox 3.5 and add-on compatibility”

  1. aed wrote on

    ???? I have not made any changes to my toolbar in a while. My install.rfd sets

    do I need change this? If so, what should it the new values be?

  2. CatThief wrote on

    install.rdf (RDF)

    maxVersion for 3.0 should be 3.0.*

    maxVersion for 3.5 should be 3.5.*

  3. Gregggg wrote on

    Mouse Gestures Redox’s latest version is 2.1.4. I quit using it with Firefox 3.5 (Mac) after the install button on the Add-Ons site said that it was made for older versions of Firefox. I installed a competing mouse gesture product but was never satisfied with it.

    When Fifefox 3.5.2 came out, I went to the developer’s site for MGRedox and installed the latest version. It seems to work perfectly. I request that you investigate its compatibility and return it to the active list if it passes muster.