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Add-on Compatibility for Firefox 26

Firefox 26 will be released on December 10th. Here’s the list of changes that went into this version that can affect add-on compatibility. There is more information available in Firefox 26 for Developers, so you should read that too. General Pass _firstTabs ‘parameter’ as an argument to restoreWindow() rather than tacking it onto the state… Continue reading

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Add-ons Update – Week of 2013/11/20

I post these updates every 3 weeks to inform add-on developers about the status of the review queues, add-on compatibility, and other happenings in the add-ons world. The Review Queues Most nominations for full review are taking less than 3 weeks to review. Most updates are being reviewed within 10 days. Most preliminary reviews are… Continue reading

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November Featured Add-ons

November featured add-ons have been chosen, and so has the new community board, which will be responsible for selecting featured add-ons from January – June, 2014. If you’d like to nominate an add-on for consideration by the board (you can nominate your own!), just send an email to, and it will be added to… Continue reading

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