Add-on Compatibility for Firefox 26

Firefox 26 will be released on December 10th. Here’s the list of changes that went into this version that can affect add-on compatibility. There is more information available in Firefox 26 for Developers, so you should read that too.






Please let me know in the comments if there’s anything missing or incorrect on these lists. If your add-on breaks on Firefox 26, I’d like to know.

The automatic compatibility validation and upgrade for add-ons on AMO will happen very soon, so keep an eye on your email if you have an add-on listed on our site with its compatibility set to Firefox 25.

9 comments on “Add-on Compatibility for Firefox 26”

  1. Kohei Yoshino wrote on

    The Japanese translation is up:

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on


  2. timdream wrote on

    We should document too.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      Thanks! I doesn’t appear to affect any add-ons, however.

      1. timdream wrote on

        No, it affects mine. I had to do feature detection in my code.

        1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

          Which add-on is it (if it’s public)?

          1. timdream wrote on


            Understandably, this is probably the only add-on implements an Asian IME, so the bug should break only this add-on.

  3. John Hudson wrote on

    Never noticed before, but Why does Mozilla use google CHROME* for Add-ons Manager to check for updates? Nothing is encrypted at all* (nada) and that bothers** me.
    I discovered this while trying to determine why the IEtab2 ( extension/add-on is perpetually forcing open new pages when I try to check any Account Settings (and forcing me to Log-in again*)… which brings me to my 1st* complaint… Why* won’t Mozilla FF 29.0.1 display the account settings for a microsoft account? Is this of MS’s choosing, or can’t Mozilla meet whatever requirements MS desires for “security” – (which I have a hard time believing, since ‘google’ has No security whatsoever, in my opinion*).

    So.. what’s up with Add-On Manager NOT* using Mozilla**, IETab2 auto-launching (which I know I Can* stop, but then I end up with a blank screen*) for Microsoft/Live/Outlook/Hotmail account settings..?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      I’m having some trouble following your comment, but it seems like you’re confused about a couple of things. The Add-ons Manager in Firefox doesn’t require Chrome or any other external software to function. You don’t need another browser to get updates or anything else.

      I don’t know what a Microsoft account is, but if a website is broken for you, you should report it to the website administrators. It’s possible that something changed in 29 that broke something on the website. Or it could just be that the site changed around the same time. You should also try disabling your add-ons and then visiting those sites. If the problem disappears, then it’s something one of your add-ons is doing.