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Removing the Sandbox

The “Sandbox Model” uses to organize and review add-ons was first announced almost 3 years ago. Since then, we’ve made a number of changes based on user feedback that, in my opinion, have greatly improve the experience of finding and installing add-ons that haven’t been officially reviewed yet. Today, the main feedback concerning the… Continue reading

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No Surprises

Surprises can be appropriate in many situations, but they are not welcome when user security, privacy, and control are at stake. Mozilla is committed to guarding these principles, and we feel that a policy should be adopted that explicitly details our stance on these issues in regard to add-on modifications. The text of our proposal… Continue reading

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New Developer Agreement

Up until now, we’ve had a fairly basic developer agreement that hasn’t changed with the needs of our developers and our service. Today, we’re launching a new agreement that clarifies and protects our developers’ rights and ensures that we can continue to promote add-ons via multiple ways and channels as our service expands. That’s why… Continue reading


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