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Add-on compatibility for Firefox 4 – beta 4 edition

A little over a month ago I posted the first compatibility notice for add-on developers. Beta 1 was just out, and there were a lot of important breaking changes that you needed to be aware of. We’re now up to beta 4, RC1 is a couple of months away, and there even more things you… Continue reading

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Add-on compatibility for Firefox 4 – time to get started

As most of you are already well aware of, Firefox 4 Beta 1 was released a few weeks ago. Beta 2 will follow very soon, and the final version is expected late this year. This relatively long transition period is great for add-on developers, because it gives us plenty of time to update and test… Continue reading

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Revamping the Statistics Dashboard

Developers got their first glimpse at detailed statistics for their add-ons in early 2008 when we launched the Developer Statistics Dashboard for every add-on hosted on AMO. Since then, we’ve made incremental improvements to this tool, such as adding grouping and comparison options, data tables, locale usage stats, contributions, and most recently download sources. In… Continue reading

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A week of collections

It’s been a week since we launched the new collections feature on, and the response has been amazing! Above the Fold has details on press coverage, and we’re happy to see so many bloggers and news sites creating their own collections. Reading the articles, it was very exciting to see that people really understood… Continue reading

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Introducing Add-on Collections

The ability to completely customize your browser with thousands of add-ons is one of the best features of Firefox, and highlights the talent, dedication, and innovation of our great community. With thousands of add-ons and close to 1.5 billion downloads, Mozilla has been working hard this year to provide a great experience for both add-on… Continue reading

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