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A week of collections

It’s been a week since we launched the new collections feature on, and the response has been amazing! Above the Fold has details on press coverage, and we’re happy to see so many bloggers and news sites creating their own collections. Reading the articles, it was very exciting to see that people really understood collections and their potential.

The first week of collections blew away our goals for the launch, so I’d like to share some statistics from the last week. Add-on users have created more than 11,000 collections, comprising 140,000 instances of 3500 different add-ons. Of those collections, 6200 are listed publicly in the Collection Directory, while the others are private. We’ve served over 245,000 add-on downloads from collection view pages, not including downloads served from other pages accessed through collections.

The Add-on Collector has been very successful as well, with 46,000 downloads and about 19,000 Collectors in use. Users of the extension have created 2500 auto-publisher collections, which are collections automatically kept in sync with the add-ons that user has installed in Firefox. And hundreds of add-ons have been shared with friends through the Collector’s email sharing feature.

But the most rewarding measure of success so far has been hearing people say collections have helped them discover new add-ons, which was the primary goal of the project.

Because the response to collections has been so great, we’re going to keep adding new collections-related features and improvements over the next few months. We have a number of ideas for what features to implement, but need help from the community to identify which cool new collection features are most wanted. So, if you’re interested in the future of collections, head over to the newsgroup and let us know which of the proposed features you want to see.

12 comments on “A week of collections”

  1. city_zen wrote on

    Hi Justin Scott et al

    I’m posting again about the new look of AMO. Since apparently the numerous requests to bring back the thumbnails in the listing pages will continue to be ignored, I’m wondering which would be the right way to proceed. Should I post a bug report about the AMO website in Bugzilla? Should I make a new post at the AMO newsgroup? Would I be wasting my time?


  2. Justin Scott (fligtar) wrote on

    @city_zen both of those sound like fine ideas to me.

  3. Pat wrote on

    Loved the Lifehacker collections:

  4. Alejandro wrote on

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to say that renders very poorly on PC, with firefox. I struggle to find out a place to comment, so I leave my comment in here.

    It is due to the helvetica neue font when installed, addons could consider a type change.


  5. Adi Sucipto wrote on

    I really thank to you all. Great works

  6. KOS wrote on

    where the list thumbnails!!! get them back now! don’t need no stinking useless icon crap.. sort it out

  7. KOS wrote on

    “It’s been a week since we launched the new collections feature on, and the response has been amazing”

    response hasn’t been amazing at all you idiots

  8. Larry wrote on

    When I first came across this add-on, I thought it was similar to Foxmarks; a place I could centralize my add-ons so I could keep all of PC browsers in sync. When creating a collection, I presumed there would be a button that let me simply create a collection of my current add-ons. Instead it seems I have to go through and manually add each one. Is this true? Am I missing something?

  9. Charlie Smith wrote on

    Add-Ons Collections has stopped working for me. Even though it shows that I’m logged in, it does NOT find the 5 collections that I created nor any of the favorites that I have selected.

    It also will NOT allow me to update my collections when I update an add-on.

    What happened? This was a great place for me to keep track of the add-ons I have installed on the different computers I use.


  10. alex_mayorga wrote on

    That’s all cool. How about verifying the author of Add-on Collector now?

  11. Bruno Gama wrote on

    At first i thought it was a amazing add-on but it doesn’t do what I really need, that is sync all my extensions across the browsers I use. But its cool if it really work ’cause mine stopped working, the same problem related before by Charlie Smith.

  12. MK wrote on

    Can one of you please tell me how do delete SmarterFox. I can’t find it in “Add or Remove Programs” in my control panel, and it is extremely annoying. I MUST get it off!! Who can PLEASE help me?

    thank you!!!