Extend Firefox 3.5! Make the Next Great Web Experience!

The Extend Firefox contest is back challenging developers to make the next great web experience!

amo-mascot-250This global developer contest awards prizes for developing new Firefox Add-ons for the upcoming production release of Firefox 3.5. Last year’s contest received over 100 add-on submissions of some of the coolest and most innovative add-ons to-date and with Firefox 3.5 really raising the bar in terms of features, you can expect this year’s competition to be intense!

We’ve worked hard to line up great documentation and resources for contestants along with awesome prizes for the winners. Along with MacBook Pro laptops, the contest’s sponsors are providing professional development tools, software and books which are sure to complement any developers toolkit & library!

All entries will be judged by a panel of experts, with Grand Prize and Runner’s Up prize packages awarded for add-ons that take advantage of the new capabilities being introduced in Firefox 3.5 and that demonstrate excellence in user experience, innovativeness, and use of open standards. In addition, we’ve added two new categories this year for the best shopping add-on and the best gaming and entertainment add-on. Hot!

Special thanks to our sponsors, Manning Publications, InformIT, MacroMates, Sofa and ExpanDrive, for offering up some cool prizes and for helping to promote and get the word out to the wider development community!

Extend Firefox 3.5 is open now and runs through October 2nd, 2009.

Official contest rules and information are available at http://www.extendfirefox.com/.

2 responses

  1. Goofy wrote on :

    As an extension addict I am pretty excited at the idea of discovering smart new contraptions with amazing features.

    But as a localizer, I am a little annoyed thinking back at the winner extension of year 2008 contest. Pencil is doubtlessly a brilliant extension but… there is NO locale support inside. I mean, no en-US subfolder, every string is hardcoded. Too bad for translators, and low chance to see this extension gain worldwide audience unfortunately.

    For this year contest, I would like very much this criterium to be mandatory : “Contestant extensions must have a locale subfolder with en-US lang”

    When Firefox is available for more than 70 languages, I think Mozilla cannot promote/distribute a top extension without locale support.


    – Goofy

    BabelZilla Team

  2. Ron C wrote on :

    WHAT happened to add-on themes? Sorry, but my first impression after seeing this website is… this sucks! Ditto my reaction after downloading the latest Firefox.

    The organization of this site really needs help – try using the KISS principle – you’ll make more people happy.