Revamping the Statistics Dashboard

Developers got their first glimpse at detailed statistics for their add-ons in early 2008 when we launched the Developer Statistics Dashboard for every add-on hosted on AMO. Since then, we’ve made incremental improvements to this tool, such as adding grouping and comparison options, data tables, locale usage stats, contributions, and most recently download sources.

In July, we asked developers to take a survey about how they use the Statistics Dashboard, and as part of our AMO rewrite currently underway, we’ll be revamping the dashboard.

Here’s a mockup from our designer, Chris Howse, of the overview page of the new dashboard:

Mockup of new Stats Dashboard

A few comments on the new design:

  • Our main goal was to simplify the dashboard and present the most common things developers are looking for up front, answering questions like “which application versions is my add-on used with?” and “how many people use my add-on on Mac?”
  • Each of the breakdown pages will have its own URL and be linked to directly, eliminating the annoying dropdown menu currently used
  • We’ll be replacing the Timeplot graphs with nicer, less buggy graphs using Highcharts
  • Most of the features of the new dashboard exist in the current dashboard, but this will create a much better platform and layout for us to add additional features after the rewrite. We already have some great ideas to implement at that time.

You can see the rest of the mockups and design discussion in bug 540885 and implementation in bug 543548.

3 responses

  1. Antonin Hildebrand wrote on :

    I’ve created multiple Firefox extensions and at this point I don’t have time to watch them individually. I would really welcome statistics view which is able to give overall statistics about all my extensions together (stacked bars?).

    This would be the page I would visit once a week or so.

    Anyway thanks for undergoing AMO rewrite. I really appreciate it.

  2. Axel Grude wrote on :

    What I would like most at the moment is a way of (permanently) cleaning up the selection dropdowns – they never seem to be sorted and always contain a lot of outdated data.

    E.g. if I want to compare the different versions of the extension currently in use. Also a “top N plots” would be very handy… (give me the main N versions / locales that are used most)…

    and another one would be cookies, and taking the current plot settings from one extension to the next when switching extensions.

    thanks for looking at this.

  3. Norman wrote on :

    The new stats page design looks much better in my opinion. The old design seemed OK but this design looks easier to navigate. When will it go live?