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Add-on Review Process Redesign

Hello. My name is Jorge Villalobos, and I’m the new (first, really) Add-ons Developer Relations Lead at Mozilla. I’ll be working on bringing the add-on developer community and Mozilla closer together. I have been an add-on developer for over 2 years, working on around a dozen add-ons during that time. I’ve worked on a few… Continue reading

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Recommendations, Collections, and Contributions (oh my!)

We’ve just released AMO 5.0.9 with a ton of new features and bugfixes out into the wild. There’s something for everyone in this release, so take a look! Add-on Recommendations Some things go great together: peanut butter and jelly, popcorn and movies, Firebug and YSlow. Starting today, when you’re looking at an add-on’s listing, you’ll… Continue reading

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Introducing Add-on Collections

The ability to completely customize your browser with thousands of add-ons is one of the best features of Firefox, and highlights the talent, dedication, and innovation of our great community. With thousands of add-ons and close to 1.5 billion downloads, Mozilla has been working hard this year to provide a great experience for both add-on… Continue reading

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New Category Pages and More

New Category Pages Today we launched our category page redesign, which we plan on being the first of many meaningful improvements to AMO this quarter.  The goals of the new page are to better showcase both recommended add-ons and regular add-ons, and make it easier to discover a wide variety of add-ons with a minimum… Continue reading

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