The Extend Firefox Contest is Over in 29 Days!

The October 2nd deadline is fast approaching and with only 29 days left to build the next great web experience, we wanted to remind you of the resources available to help you during the contest period:

Mozilla Developer Center

Your best source of information and starting point for Mozilla technical question should be the Mozilla Developer Center. With the breadth of information provided there, it’s an invaluable information resource for pushing your add-on to the next level.

Firefox 3.5 Add-on Development

The following docs are specific to add-on development for Firefox and a great resource for understanding how to take advantage of Firefox 3.5’s features.

Firefox Add-on Documentation
Firefox 3.5 for Developers
Firefox Add-ons Developer Guide

Add-on Tutorials

These tutorials will give you the jumpstart you need to get cranking with your development.

How to develop a Firefox extension by Robert Nyman
Video Tutorial – Extensions Bootcamp: Zero to “Hello World” in 45 Minutes
Extension Development 101

Style Guides

Making sure your code is well-formed will help to make your add-ons more maintainable and easier to review by the judges and editors.

JavaScript Style Guide
XUL Style Guide


Mozilla was built on community support so you’ll be able to find plenty of help in the Extend Firefox Discussion Forum.