MozCamp Chile & Hispanic Add-on Development

I’ve just returned from Santiago Chile, where MozCamp Chile and JRSL Chile were held. It is the first Mozilla event I’ve attended, so it was a great learning experience. I specially enjoyed the fact that it was a Hispanic event so I got to meet many members of the hispanic Mozilla communities. The participant list should be enough proof that the participation was numerous and diverse. Kudos to the event organizers and all the communities, you did a fantastic job in bringing all of this together.

I made a presentation titled AMO, Add-on Developers and Editors (PDF version). It’s a very brief overview on who I am, what’s going on with AMO in terms of helping developers, and the editor community, with a call to action to anyone interested in joining the group. I was happy to realize that there were many developers in the audience, and some showed interest in becoming editors. For all of those interested, I’d look into the Add-on Policies docs and the Editors wiki page. There was also interest in localizing the Developer Hub content, which I think is an awesome idea. Having good documentation in our language is an important step we need to take if we want to increase developer adoption in our countries (I live in Costa Rica).

There was a lot of excitement around the idea of holding events that are more development-centric, like the Mozilla Add-on Workshops. There are already plans to hold one in PerĂº this year, and another one some time early next year. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on those.

Thanks again to all of you who made MozCamp Chile possible!

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  1. Marcio wrote on :

    I am working on a documentation proposal for a not so large developers event. But I wanted to not be 100% addon. While this was an original idea, I wanted to try to focus on things that can be both Web Apps, JetPacks, and Extensions Themes etc. There is an upcoming W3C conference in Brazil on Nov 23-24 I think a good date is for 1-2 days – in fact a Hack Day on Open-based Web apps is the current design I am thinking. I am running a survey from folks from the Sao Paulo area to try to get something nice going and see if this can go well. Marcio – Brazil.