Time to update your add-ons for 3.6!

Dear Add-on authors: Firefox 3.6 beta1 is out!

It’s time to start checking your compatibility with 3.6 and updating your add-on if necessary. The add-on review queues are normally very busy during update times, so you should follow these guidelines to make sure your add-on stays up to date and it doesn’t have to wait too long for a review:

  1. Visit Firefox 3.6 for developers and read all about the changes that have been introduced in Firefox 3.6. Some additional information for theme authors is available in this forum topic.
  2. Stay up to date with Mozilla news and check http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-beta.html frequently for new releases.
  3. Test your add-on with the beta and see if there are any compatibility problems. Most add-ons should be fine.
  4. If the current version of your add-on doesn’t show any compatibility issues, you don’t need to upload a new version. Visit the Developer Hub: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/ and change the max version value in the latest version of your add-on (it’s in the Versions and Files section). That’s all it takes. You are now able to set your compatibility to 3.6.*, which shows that no big changes are expected between beta 1 and the final release
  5. If you do need to update your add-on for 3.6, submit your update as soon as possible. There will be an update rush after the final release of 3.6, and it will probably take a while for the AMO editor team to catch up.

Also, if you have binary components, some important changes have been made to the C API which might affect your add-ons. Make sure you build your add-on against the newest SDK, which is version 1.9.2. The new SDK should be available in the Gecko SDK page.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post here, or at the new AMO forum.

Happy coding!

PS to developers and users: you can install our band new Compatibility Reporter tool to help developers know which add-ons work on 3.6 and which don’t.


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  1. Rob wrote on :

    I’m not a “Mozilla Developer” but a “Mozilla End-User” – though I do a lot of programming …

    I am testing FF 3.6b1 under Ubuntu. I have installed both the “Add-on Compatibility Reporter 0.1” and “Crash Report Helper 1.1” Add-ons. I encourage “knowledgeable End-Users” to help with the Testing (in addition to Developers). This exposes more incompatibilities.

    Add-on Compatibility Reporter 0.1

    Crash Report Helper 1.1

    I wish those Add-ons were available for Fennec too:

    Thanks for a great Browser,