“New Ways to Extend and Personalize the Web” @FudCon Chile 2010

FUDCon (Fedora Users and Developers Conference) conferences are events the Fedora community holds around the world featuring numerous talks and workshops focused on the Fedora project. The conferences provide attendees and the community an opportunity to highlight key contributions in the FLOSS space. This year, I received an invitation to FUDCon in Santiago Chile on July 16th to give a talk on the Mozilla Add-ons SDK.

My goals for the presentation were to introduce the audience to how the Jetpack SDK works, explain the concepts behind it, and do a few live demos. Through the demos, I was able to show just how fast add-on development can be when using the Mozilla Add-ons SDK.

The following are links to the demo extensions I created for my presentation using the Mozilla Add-ons SDK v0.5:

I truly enjoyed this speaking opportunity and look forward to seeing new add-ons created with the Mozilla Add-ons SDK as a result!

Rodrigo García – Mozilla Add-ons Ambassador