Add-on SDK: weekly update for Oct. 4 2011

Project News

  • The SDK team invaded London for an evening of workshops. Look for a full report in the next few days.
  • Add-on SDK version 1.2 beta 3 should be packaged later this evening, expect a notice from Myk on the Jetpack email list. Please help us test!
  • Dave Mason’s proposed changes to our re-pack process.

Meeting Brief

  • post-mortem discussion on sdk re-packs
  • ‘push to AMO’ feature pushed live, will be enabled tomorrow after some IT issues are worked out.
  • London SDK workshop report, discussion on what worked, venue issues
  • SDK dev updates, discussion of 2 remaining open bugs
  • discussion of ways to more easily generate release notes
  • roundtable:
    • AMO review queue problems triggered by re-packs,
    • MozWebSocket and other JS functionality that
      cannot be used from add-on code currently.

Full minutes are available here: