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The Mozilla 2010 T-shirt – Vote Now!

Our latest challenge on the Creative Collective was to design the official Mozilla 2010 t-shirt, an exclusive item that will be printed and distributed to active contributors around the world. We received over 700 submissions from the community, which were … Read more

The Mozilla 2010 T-shirt Design Challenge!

I’m excited to announce the latest challenge from the Creative Collective: designing the Mozilla 2010 t-shirt! The goal is to create a cool design that captures the unique essence of Mozilla, which would then be printed as the official Mozilla … Read more

The Creative Collective is Here! Join Us.

I’m excited to announce the initial beta release of the Mozilla Creative Collective, the official new home and hub of activity for our visual design community. The goal of the Creative Collective is to use art as a means for … Read more

The Mozilla Community Store is here!

This morning we announced the launch of the Mozilla Community Store, a new open source approach to our t-shirt creation process that allows anyone to submit their original designs and make them publicly available for purchase. The Store gallery is … Read more

Firefox 3 T-shirt Design Contest: Winners!

The Firefox 3 T-shirt design contest has wrapped up and we’re excited to announce the winners! Congratulations Tracie Andrews from the UK, for having created this winning design which will be featured in the Mozilla Store as the official Firefox … Read more

Firefox 3 T-Shirt Design Contest!

Hi everyone, I recently joined the Mozilla team as a marketing coordinator, and I’m excited to announce our T-Shirt Design Contest to help promote the launch of Firefox 3! The winning design will have worldwide exposure as the official Firefox … Read more