Articles in “Inclusion”

Proud at Mozilla

While Mozilla has participated in various Pride celebrations in the past, this year our LGBTQIA+ staff (aka our Pridezilla community) considered how to honor Pride, and the consensus was clear: … Read more

Leslie Gray and Jean Oplinger at Fireside Chat

Celebrating Women

As the month of March approached, some of us at Mozilla formed a planning committee to assess how we might best support and celebrate women, both within Mozilla and around … Read more

Mozilla Black History Month image and quote from Xavier Harding

Celebrating Black History Month

Last month our Afrozillian community produced a series of both informative and entertaining activities for all Mozillians (and more) to learn from and enjoy. For those who like food (doesn’t … Read more

Yo Soy!

We all have a story: the story of how we got to where we are today.  When our colleagues started reflecting on how to best recognize LatinX and Hispanic Heritage … Read more

Kathy with a group of Uzbek women wearing traditional colourful clothing

Paying it Forward

Did someone invest in you when you were early in your career? Not your manager, but someone who took time with you, and modeled some good things you took with … Read more