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Building connections at the 2023 All Hands

It’s our mission at Mozilla to build an internet that includes everyone, regardless of demographics and opportunities, and we’re building our team the same way. We believe our growing list of Mozilla Resource Groups (MRGs) — Afrozilla, Disability@Mozilla, Latinzilla, Moz-API, Pridezilla, WoMoz, Yallazilla and Environmental Champions — are critical to our success.

This year, our MRGs had the opportunity to connect in Montréal, Canada – where Mozilla held our All Hands event. The annual gathering offers unique and special opportunities for us as an organization to come together, in-person, to share experiences, spark new ideas and interact with colleagues we may not normally work with (or just see on video calls). Another important benefit is having intentional spaces for our internal communities like our MRGs to share moments of belonging. Below, MRG members tell us about their experience.

Why was it important for you to hold space as an MRG while at All Hands?

As a remote-first company, relationships are critical for Mozillians. It was a blessing to meet in-person with members of the Latinzilla MRG. A warm welcome, friendly embrace and ability to connect makes all the difference in helping us to feel like we belong. We listened to Latin music, played a game of “Coco” Loteria, and simply enjoyed each other’s company. We are now stronger as a group and look forward to continuing to learn about each other, our Latinx history and our diverse cultures.

Hilda Soto, Business Operations Manager, Mozilla Social, Latinzilla MRG

What kinds of activities did you participate in while at All Hands?

At All Hands, I engaged in a diverse range of activities that encompassed the essence of collaboration and community building. These included participating in an AI ideathon where I contributed to brainstorming and prototyping innovative solutions, dedicated team time for planning and executing our initiatives, presenting our progress at a demo table, delivering dynamic Thunder Talks to share insights, networking with new acquaintances to foster connections, and organizing valuable MRG sessions to support the WoMoz group’s goals. Additionally, I enjoyed bonding with fellow attendees through recreational activities and games, enriching my experience and reinforcing the sense of community that defines All Hands gatherings.

Yashika Khurana, Senior Software Engineer, WoMoz MRG

How did you see your community represented, included and empowered throughout the All Hands event?

One of the exciting moments during All Hands was seeing a member of our MRG speak during the product plenary! On stage, she included her experience being from the SWANA [Southwest Asia and North Africa] region, and we cheered for that a little extra. It is great to see the community represented and reflected in the work we do, and especially in the products we build.

Zeina Abi Assy, Partnerships & Dialogue Lead, Mozilla Festival, Mozilla Foundation, Co-Lead Yallazilla MRG

As an Environmental Champion, which sustainability-related activities or initiatives were you most excited to see during the All Hands event?

The sustainability tour of the Palais was a remarkable way to start All Hands. It drew a large crowd of interested Mozilians even before the happy hour kicked off. Véronique [who manages sustainable development at the Palais des Congres] had instituted measurement plans to reduce energy consumption, switch to renewable sources and reduce onsite waste. Our cities are full of legacy buildings. From the green roof to onsite composting and slow upgrade of lighting and HVAC systems, Véronique and her team inspired us by showing how much progress is possible.

— Javaun Moradi, Sr Staff Product Manager, Environmental Champion

How did your time at All Hands help set you up to build for the future?

All Hands was a vibe — of connecting, learning, putting faces to names, better understanding our vision as a company, socializing and feeling like part of a team in a way that can be challenging in a remote work environment. It reminded me of the many colleagues in my area of Mozilla, in Afrozilla, and beyond who I can reach out to for support, mentorship, networking, advice, camaraderie and more – all things I’ll need in building for the future.

Kimi Goffe, Senior Recommendations Editor, Afrozilla MRG

What are you looking forward to at next year’s All Hands?

When I learned Dublin is going to be the location for the next All Hands, I got very excited (it was one of three locations that I thought it could be!) The city has become home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world and a magnet for budding tech talent looking for work at companies who are innovative and forward-thinking, just like Mozilla. But it’s the Dubliners who make the city so welcoming and inviting, especially for the LGBTQIA+ community. In 2015, Ireland became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage through a referendum (by popular vote). Diversity, equality and inclusion are key features of corporate life in Ireland that have helped shift the mindset for other businesses in the country, enriching both professional and social lives, in just under a decade.

Damiano DeMonte, Senior Manager, Consumer Media and Brand, Co-lead for Pridezilla MRG